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             Big Bad Films is a partner of Liquid Noise specialising in original feature film content and music videos


Big Bad Films was set up by three like-minded people each with a strong connection to the music business as well as film making.


Toby Jepson - current songwriter and frontman for Brit Rock band 'Wayward Sons' started his career in internationally successful Rock band 'Little Angels' and has had a number one album and 10 UK top 40 hits as well as producing records for acts as diverse as Saxon and James Toseland. Toby is a resident DJ on Planet Rock. 


Lionel Hicks - a longtime music maker who began his career in northern blues rock band 'Gypsy' before finding success in British progressive metal act 'Balance of power' has kept his passion for music alive despite moving into film production. Lionel still makes music whenever he can, and as recently as 2014, produced an album's worth of music for sci-fi film 'Scintilla'. 


Jay Hillyer - as well as being a cinematographer, Jay also plays guitar in proto-metal act 'Cabin Boy jumps Ship', touring the world and recording between his film making activities. 


It is this musical connection that was the catalyst to work together. Music videos have long been an important element of developing and promoting bands and music artists of all genres, with the needs growing exponentially in recent years as the Internet began to take over as the outlet for music. The visual image, as ever, is the key to engaging an audience. With this in mind, Big Bad Films' desire is to help music makers achieve their goals of capturing the imagination of their audience through striking and vivid music videos. Our goal is to employ storytelling and drama as well as the usual 'in camera' techniques to explore a band's ideas. The 'Unique' is needed these days perhaps more than ever, to convey the message, the feeling, and the dynamics of music.


                                                                                          Big Bad Showreel  




As storytellers, we aim to take advantage of modernity, shake off the restraints of convention, and develop fantastic films for the modern world. Our passion is only eclipsed by our desire to put quality at the very heart of our company. 

nurture inspiring stories and people that seek to tell them, to produce andOur mission is to find, develop, film that can truly stand the test of time. We are dedicated to the idea that stories told through the medium of film in its variety of forms can still enthrall, inform, and enhance us all in a positive way.

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